What would *you* 3D print if you had an easy access to a 3D printer?

3D-printed Business Card

3D-printed Business Card

I thought this was an interesting and fun intersection of what people usually think of when they use the word “printing” with 3D printing which is not really a printing so much as it is “additive manufacturing”

The 3D printed business card idea came courtesy of Instructables   today. Is it practical? I cannot really say. Some people may even find it pretentious – who knows. But the fact that the  author – Instructables user ericm160 – came up with the idea speaks volumes about the fact that 3D printing is on the back of people’s minds when they consider objects normally created by absolutely different technologies.

I think that some kind of utility would have to be added for this type of 3D printed business  cards to be accepted by a “normal” (i.e. not a hardcore 3D printing enthusiast) person. Like ability to fold and create a holder for other business cards? Not sure but it looks like it needs to be able to do something a traditional paper card can’t do – and that’s where 3D printing technology really shines!

So, I’m sure we’ll see more of everyday objects take on some unusual functions when they are made by using 3D printing instead of the traditional methods


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