Forget thermoplastics — Mcor says the future of 3D printing is in paper

It’s a shame Mcor Technologies website is pretty much disabled at the moment – only shows “Join Us at the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, April 22-23 in New York City!” and “Prepare to be wowed!”.
Well, consider myself pre-wowed! I did miss the conference but would very much like to find out more about the paper 3D printing technology. Having a sculptor in you family exposes one to all sorts of materials that end up in a 3D design (sculpted by hand as it is now) and so I have seen how paper clays and Papier-mâché performs (when dry) and I would say if Mcor can produce similar strength/weight ratios art paper clays do, I would absolutely want a printer like this! Especially if it includes full color printing on the surface of the 3D model if I got the idea about the way they create colored 3D models right.

Looking forward to learning more about the Mcor 3D printing with paper!


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