Getting Mainstreamier: SkyMall Is Selling a 3D Printer

As much as I celebrate the fact that 3D printers are becoming more accessible, sitting cramped on a plane and feeling stupid for not bringing a book or some electronic entertainment device (and, really, what else can make you pick up that catalog) does not sound like the perfect time to make a decision to buy a 3D printer. Cube3D is not the best 3D printer out there for the price – I’d say it’s kind of small and I personally feel a bit uneasy about the moving table (which moves the part being printed with it). But, hey, there are even sillier ways to spend $1,300 by buying something from that catalog, so maybe it’s not all that bad after all.


If ever you needed a sign that 3D printing has hit the mainstream, look no further than SkyMall.

Everyone’s favorite way to pass the 15 minutes between when you’re told to turn off your electronic devices and when you’re allowed to turn them back on, the venerable seat-back catalog is now selling the $1,300 Cube 3D Printer, which is capable of printing out plastic objects up to 5.5 inches in size.

According to SkyMall, you can choose from 16 different plastic colors and “an average smartphone case takes about two hours to print.”

The 3D printer includes a Wi-Fi chip for a cord-free hookup to a PC or Mac, and is perfect for anyone between the ages of eight and 80, says SkyMall. Are you seven years old? Are you 81 years old? Sorry, this item is not for you. Are you the 83-year-old whose award-winning invention beat the…

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