Using eclipse AVR application development plug in

Using eclipse AVR application development plug in

Here is a detailed and well-illustrated overview of using Eclipse IDE as an AVR development platform by Sulaiman Salim Marhoun Al Habsi:

Using eclipse AVR application development plug in.  at sulimanhabsi blog.

It is a second post about Eclipse on his blog and it shows a different approach to how many,  if not most, DIY electronics and robotics hobbyists come to program Atmel chips –  start with ATmega168 or ATmega328 in the form of an Arduino board and use Arduino IDE and Wiring version of C programming language as a starting point. Arduino IDE can be adapted for using it with other Atmel chips, such as ATMega8 which   Sulaiman used as an example, and many if not most other Atmel MCU. The only ones missing Arduino IDE support (to the best of my knowledge) are the smallest  of the AVRs  – ATtiny12 ,  ATtiny10, 9, 5 and ATtiny4. I am wondering if Eclipse plugin for AVR is better it terms of the chips supported.

Anyway, if you program other things in C (or Java or whatever else for that matter that also has an Eclipse plugin) and have a need to program AVR chips, you may want to check out his blog for some useful pointers on setting Eclipse up for AVR and then using it to program the chips.


3 thoughts on “Using eclipse AVR application development plug in

    • You are welcome!
      I am wondering if you’ve tried Arduino IDE before Eclipse and if you can actually compare the two? Are you finding Eclipse more feature rich? Would you use it instead of Arduino IDE to program Arduino’s own AVR chip (through ICSP)?

      • No, I did not try it. I had the same question in my mind. but I think eclipse will be better because those who will develop the plugin they will look at what is missing from the arduino IDE and add it to the plugin.but again I did not try it out so I’m not sure. another question has been tingling in my mind. ” is it better to use eclipse IDE to program PIC microcontroller instead of MPLAB”. may be some day I should try them and post and other blog.

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