Turning a phone into a media center remote

Now, here is a strange but interesting in a true hacking (phracking even) way remote control device. I was totally expecting there to be the need to pick up the receiver first in order to dial the commands (and hear DTMFs as you do) but that functionality was left out.

It’s surprising that an entire Raspberry Pi had to be used only for servicing a 12 button keyboard but I think the author was not satisfied with XBMC performance on Raspberry Pi and so the board was available for other uses.

It would be cool, however, to have the Raspverry Pi inside the phone set’s body with an HDMI on the back, hooked up to a TV. Would make for a pretty funky retro-looking multimedia player!



[Kees] wanted a remote for an XBMC audio system. He had a classic T65 Dutch telephone in one of his project boxes and thought this phone with the addition of a Raspberry Pi he could have a functional media remote with classic lines and 70s styling.

Each of the digits on the phone were wired up to a small solderless breadboard. With a handful of resistors, [Kees] set up a simple pull up/pull down circuit feeding in to his Raspi’s GPIO input.

With a short Python script, [Kees] managed to map the buttons to XMBC’s play/pause, volume up/down, next, and previous commands. There were a few buttons left over, so those were mapped to online radio stations, playlists, and a strange setting known only as ‘moo’. We’re not sure what that button does, but you can see the other functions of this XMBC phone remote in action in the video…

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